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Cookies policy


The website uses its own and third-party cookies to allow it to function, allow the purchase process and user registration, as well as obtain and analyze information regarding browsing the website.

With the mere navigation (with the browser enabled to accept cookies) the user accepts the installation of cookies, unless he opposes it.

Our Cookies Policy is subject to regular updates. Its purpose is to help you understand the use we make of cookies, the purpose of the cookies used, as well as the options that the user has to manage them.


A "Cookie" is a small text file that a website stores in the user's browser. Cookies facilitate the use and navigation of a web page and are essential for the functioning of the internet, providing innumerable advantages in the provision of interactive services.

According to the entity that manages them:

  • Own cookies: are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and since the service requested by the User is provided.
  • Third party cookies: are those that are sent to the User's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

According to its purpose:

  • Technical cookies:are those that allow or facilitate the User to navigate through the web page and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, such as identifying the session or remembering passwords.
  • Analysis cookies: are those that, well treated by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. For them, your browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve the offer of products or services that we offer you.

According to the length of time they remain activated:

  • session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the web page, so none of them are recorded on the user's hard drive. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze web traffic patterns. Ultimately, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve the content and make it easier to use.
  • Permanent cookies: they are stored on the hard drive and our website reads them every time the user makes a new visit. A permanent cookie can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, after that date it will stop working.


This website uses cookies for internal use for the operation of the website.

expires: session.
Domain: Own
Description: This cookie is used by the PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be saved on the web server. This cookie is essential for the website to function.

Specifically, we use the following cookies.


At all times, and at least during the installation or updating of the browser, the user has the possibility of accepting or rejecting the installation of cookies, or rejecting the installation of third-party cookies. In addition, after each session you can delete all or some of the stored cookies. Also, the user can activate:

  • Private browsing, whereby your browser stops saving your browsing history, website passwords, cookies, and other information from the pages you visit, or
  • The Do Not Track feature, whereby your browser asks the websites you visit not to track your browsing habits, for example, to serve you advertisements of interest to you on the sites you visit.

We recommend that you consult the help of your browser to learn about the different options on how to manage cookies. Below, we include the links to manage cookies in the most relevant browsers:

The user can revoke their consent to the use of cookies in their browser through the configuration options, as well as through third-party links.

If you do not want Google Analytics to collect and use information, you can install a rejection system in your browser through the following link:

ATTENTION: Keep in mind that blocking cookies may affect all or some of the functionalities of our website.